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  • I run a blog that has until now been handcoded in HTML, which is very tedious. I decided to create a blog on WordPress in the hopes of feeding those posts through a script to generate static HTML from each post. That way, I could update the blog with WP’s backend, which would be syndicated and converted into static HTML rather than writing the HTML for each post, and rather than coding an entirely new WP template around an installation just to be able to use the blog’s backend to add posts.

    I am currently using the RSS2HTML JavaScript (, which captures the RSS feed from the WordPress site and formats it on the public site as HTML. So far, so good.

    The problem is that the way WP syndicates the posts, it cuts them off after 50 or so words and inserts […], I think from the <more> tag. So, as a result, the HTML version of the RSS just shows […] after a certain point. This is also the case when I view the RSS feed in a browser, so the problem is with the way the feed is being generated, not with the JS. I want to syndicate the entire content of each blog post so that the entire post is fed to RSS, which is then converted to static HTML through the JavaScript. Is there any way for WP to feed the entire content of each post into the RSS, without the <more> tag and the […] showing up? Thanks for any help.


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  • You can use Feedburner on your WordPress site to burn the feed. Then you will have the option to publish entire content in feed.

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