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    We are switching from Magento 2.4 MSI to WordPress/Woocommerce and i am looking for a plugin/extension/modification that can help.

    So because we use MSI at magento we can use different stock sources.
    We have our own warehouse but also use the stock from our suppliers.
    So this means that each supplier has his own source code in our current store.
    So products are devided into basically a few groups:
    -our own stock in our own warehouse
    -supplier 1
    -supplier 2
    -supplier 3 etc.

    using a cron job and an extension we are automatically loading the stock from the csv/xml/xlsx that we get from the supplier into the stock source where the products are connected to.

    Based on that we can show a delivery time on the front end of the site and also send a delivery time to our intermediair to connect with Amazon/ etc.. (supplier 1 has 3 days delivery time, supplier 2 has 4 days etc.)

    Can we, with your plugin, copy the same situation?
    And if so, how do we connect the items to the locations? Can this be done in bulk?
    Is there some way we can load the stock into the created locations?

    Thank you!`

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    If we are using WP All-import as a product import.
    Can we asign products in bulk to locations?

    Plugin Author Joel


    @arnolddewitte I appreciate you reaching out. We re-wrote the entire code of the plugin and our next step is to include a button to sync inventory between the stores using the Zapier platform. I’m pushing the developer to have it available to you soon.

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    A follow up question.

    * How do we load stocks into the additional warehouse?
    Can we do that with WP All import for example??

    * Can we show one stock on the front end?
    Let’s say we have 0 pieces in our own warehouse, but we load stock from our suppliers CSV and they have 1000 pieces. Can we show those 1000 pieces as if it is our own stock?

    Or when we have 10 pieces and the supplier has 1000 pieces, can we show 1010 pieces as available stock?

    Thank you !

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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