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synchronize items from two different custom taxonomies (1 post)

  1. Pancho Pérez
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have two Custom Taxonomies with this items, ie:

    Taxonomy 1 = Types -> assigned to a CPT = Boats Taxonomy 2 = Seasons -> assigned to a CPT = Companies

    The thing is I need so sync the first level items of Taxonomy 1 into Taxonomy 2, so then the Taxonomy 2 create subitems under the other.

    Types: - Catamaran - Motor

    Seasons: - Catamaran (from Taxonomy 1) -- Season 1 (in Taxonomy 2) - Motor (from Taxonomy 1) -- Season 1 (in Taxonomy 2) -- Season 2 (in Taxonomy 2)

    Hope it makes sense and is possible, other option is use a CPT but even the sub item is where I´m lost.

    Thanx for any idea :)

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