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  • At some point I want to setup a server on my Mac and use it as test bed before releasing it. However I have a copy of the original WP directory sitting on my Mac which I uploaded to the host using Dreamweaver. Should I synchronise my own original with that of the one on the Host? I just ran a check using Dreamweaver and there are hundreds of new files sitting on the host, which logic tells me I need if I have a test site.


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  • Why? Why not just develop using a sub-domain, then when you are ready to move the files and data to the real location, export the tables as an sql file, make changes (in DW you can add .sql to the file types in your prefs so that it will open the file as a text file) to the blog name and url and email related stuff (email address, username and password). I do a search and replace swapping (for example) for or for, depending on whether I am developing on my servers and moving to a client’s server or keeping the domains the same, but ditching the subdomain.

    Then, install WP in the new location, use phpMyadmin to drop the tables, import your data and upload the custom theme, plugins and modified core files to the new location.

    Why go to the bother of having mySQL, phpMyadmin, php, etc all installed locally? Just curious.



    This is an odd response. If you have things set up locally, then you can develop so much more quickly, since you don’t have to connect to the net every moment. A very fast connection will likely make this problem minimal, but my DSL line is so-so. It makes a big difference.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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