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  • After installing NEXT AD Integration Plugin and successfully configuring AD integration, tried to synch a custom AD Group. The log shows the user group contains no members:
    [INFO ] Start of Sync to WordPress
    [INFO ] LDAP connection is encrypted with “starttls”
    [INFO ] In group ‘TestAD’ are 0 members.
    [INFO ] Number of users to import/update: 10 (0 seconds)
    … then successfully update attributes of users that were already credeted manually by logging in with their AD credentials.
    I tried to change the group location to be in the same OU as specified in Environment/Base DN, didn’t make any difference.

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  • Plugin Author schakko


    This issue has been fixed. The fix (ADI-412) will be available in version 2.0.11.

    Hello schakko,
    importation is OK,
    Test Active Directory authentication is OK :
    [DEBUG] Created new instance of User{id=’46’, credentials=’Credentials={login=’pgmr08′,sAMAccountName=’pgmr08′,userPrincipalName=’pgmr08@ADDEV.CHPG.MC’}’}
    [DEBUG] Checking preconditions for updating existing user User{id=’46’, credentials=’Credentials={login=’pgmr08′,sAMAccountName=’pgmr08′,userPrincipalName=’pgmr08@ADDEV.CHPG.MC’}’}
    [INFO ] Updating sAMAccountName of user ’46’ to ‘pgmr08′
    [INFO ] Updating user roles for 46 : Mapping pgmr08={ad_security_groups=’PIL_Dropdoc, 0005, Utilisateurs du domaine, Utilisateurs’,wordpress_roles=”}
    [INFO ] Synchronizing roles of WordPress user with ID 46
    [WARN ] No Role Equivalent Groups defined. Previous assigned WordPress roles will stay untouched
    [INFO ] Security groups [“PIL_Dropdoc”,”0005″,”Utilisateurs du domaine”,”Utilisateurs”] are mapped to WordPress roles: []

    User logged on.

    But wen i try to Log In in, it doesn’t work..
    Is it the same issue as yur last wrote..

    Plugin Author schakko


    I do not understand your reply. The synchronization did work (see above) but you can’t login because there are no WordPress roles mapped to Role Equivalent Groups.

    I must say that i dont know how to mapped rôles “WordPress roles mapped to Role Equivalent Groups.”
    I’ve just create à new Role (in “Users / Role Groups”) whith admin and moderator right and put some users in it.. but i don’t think it was what you meean..


    Eventually, do yo speak french ?

    Plugin Author schakko


    No sorry, no French. Please take a look into the documentation:

    great findings, it fixed for me.

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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