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    I need your help to find out how to do the following with GIVE

    1 – We need to have all donators in WP User database. Enabling registration in GIVE settings might do it, but it is optional field.
    Is there any way or add-on you created to have all donators automatically added in WP User with password and username automatically created ?

    2 – In GIVE we ask for address. Address is stored in Donators. We also have Woocommerce plugin.
    We would like to have Donators able to change their address online under WC account or have it stored for future donation and that address would be used in GIVE.
    I have tried to sync fields using SyncFields plugin by PJFC but I was not able to find the list of meta, GIVE fields.
    Do you have a way or add-on that can do the trick ?

    3 – When changing a name in WP user field, this does not change in GIVE donators, or changing in GIVE donators does not change in User.
    Is there any way to have both datas synced
    That question might be quite the same than 2

    Thanks for your answer


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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi @johan_walter thanks for your questions. I’ll address each individually.

    1. You can require the registration by setting “Guest Donations” to “Disabled” and “Registration” to “Registration + Login” in your Form settings, in the “Form Display” tab.

    2. The address you collect during donations from the donors is their BILLING Address, so it’s not attached to the donor at all, but instead to the donation itself. If you want to collect their physical address and connect that with the Donor, then that will have to be done manually at the moment. Give 2.0 will have a more full-featured method for collecting physical addresses and associating them with the donor record separately from the donations.

    3. Yes, that’s unfortunately the case at the moment, but another thing we are fixing in Give 2.0. You can see that issue here (and already resolved):


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