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    I am busy with optimize my workflow and one of my wishes is that I can upload photo’s with a small text in the description of the photo to wordpress and that the description text is placed as normal text in a post with the photo’s. Also I want that the keywords are added so the Item is automatically placed on the site without any further interaction.
    This is important for me since I am a press photographer and updating my site after I delivered all the photos to the media is most of the time a hopeless issue because I must go to the next callout or I don’t have the mood for it, with the problem that the site is outdated.

    That is where I found WP/LR plugin a few days ago but I have some problems with the settings.

    What do I want?
    *Upload a collection of photo’s to wordpress post
    *Keywords from LR are posted to the post keywords. (I had this working, but did change something and I can not get it working again.)
    *Description from photo is posted as text in the post where the photo’s are attached to.

    WordPress version: 4.7
    Theme: Deepfocus from Elegant Themes
    WP/LR 2.6.1
    Media Library Assistant 2.40

    WP/LR LR settings: Wp/LR Lightroom settings

    Wp/LR WP extensions settings: WP/LR WordPress extensions settings settings

    WP/lr WP settings: WP/LR WordPress settings

    WP/LR Wp post types: WP/LR post types

    MLA general: MLA General settings


    MLA Views/uploads/shortcodes/costum fields are default.

    In LR I select the photo’s that I want and make a collection in WP/LR and I publish the photo’s. Also I select one photo as featured.

    When uploaded the gallery is added to the post and in preview mode its working. (Except that the exif data isnt showed on the right side under view full size but thats not the problem)

    The post is in the good categorie but the tags are not added

    Within MLA I see there are no keywords etc added

    So I tried to resync WP/LR and I see its doing something, but nothing changed in the post or image

    I tried to change the sync keyword to “Attachment_tag” and resync with extensions, still no keywords added to the post or to the photo itself.

    After this I tried to reset the MLA taxonomy term mapping, also I do map everything after it.

    Since nothing changed I resync it with the extensions again. If I press on tags/keywords in MLA photo viewer the keywords are added but still not to the post.

    Now I redo the MLA taxonomy term mapping, after failed to save it, so have made the changes save it and remap again. No changes to the post or attachment details, so I do resync again. Again no changes to the post same result as before, keywords and categories are attached but not in the post.

    Trying to remove the collection from LR and Republish it.

    Sadly no result keywords are not added to the post.

    I tried even more but it’s to much to reproduce everything I have did, sadly I did not get the keywords working again. Not with or without MLA.

    I hope you can help me,

    Posted to WPLR and MLA support.

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