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    This is genuinely the worst experience I’ve ever had with any WordPress plugin. Paid Mailchimp user here since 2013 or so, trying to make this plugin work across different versions since April.

    My previous issue, that never resolved by customer support as the plugin wasn’t logging anything useful and I didn’t want to setup a staging site just for this, was that the sync process wouldn’t complete. It would get stack on a certain product, then the orders wouldn’t sync. Surprisingly there were no useful logs, basically one product fails somewhere, yet it was impossible for both myself and customer support to backtrace the error. Adding an “error_log” entry or saving the error would be so easy to implement for the developers, yet they didn’t do it.

    Now seeing the new features like ad retargeting and “sync issues fixed” I decided to give this another go hoping things would work now (after all, the changelog says that sync was fixed and that there was now logging).

    Worst decision of my life. Sync not only didn’t complete just like before but the plugin made my site crash, with massive usage of all CPU’s to the point no other request would work.

    No logs were recorded even though I made sure to select “Debug Log” as the logging option.

    The only way to get the site back and running again was to SSH into the server to delete the Mailchimp plugin and reboot.

    I’ll wait another 6 months before trying this again.

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    Forgot to mention, our site runs on a 8-core server. This is how much the plugin was using:

    From the access log it seems what made our site crash was that Mailchimp was pretty much doing a DNS attack, bombarding our site with super frequent API requests that took the server down.

    Hey @fariazz

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful feedback here. We certainly want to make sure that error logging is working properly and it sounds like it’s not working as we would expect here.

    I understand you’ve already been discussing these issues with the e-commerce team at MailChimp Support for some time.

    To make sure we’re not covering any already-trodden ground, I’d like to focus here on that screenshot you shared about the plugin taking up your site’s resources.

    Can you share a screenshot of the MailChimp for WooCommerce Plugin settings? Specifically, can you share a screenshot of what the logging tab looks like on your side?

    Thanks in advance for this additional piece of context. I’ll keep you updated as I pass this information over to our team to have a closer look.

    – Malachite

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    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I can’t do that as I said I deleted the plugin from the site.

    In the logging setting page I selected “Debug”, saved, no log was shown or whatsoever. When I realised the sync wasn’t making any progress (a few minutes before the site ended up crashing) I checked that page again multiple times. The Debug option seemed to be properly saved, yet no logs were showing.

    Sorry I can’t be of further help.

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    If there were write permission errors (which could have been depending on which folder the log was being saved into) or such it would have been good to show that in an notice, just my thoughts.

    Same issue here for months, Support can’t fix it.

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