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  1. mandraagora
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My website is split into a primary domain (linuxpcplus.com) & a few sub domains (such as community.linuxpcplus.com & support.linuxpcplus.com). When a visitor logsin to one or the other of these domains, it does not log them in also on all of the other domains. In other words, if they login on community.linuxpcplus.com but then they go to support.linuxpcplus.com or linuxpcplus.com, they have to login again,
    Is there a way to sync this up so that if they login on one part of my site (either the primary or a subdomain) they will also be automatically logged in to ALL of my connected domains?

  2. Not easily or at least not without a single sign on plugin. Those are separate installations after all.

    I believe that you can get that with a multisite installation but I've not tried it myself as a regular user.

  3. mandraagora
    Posted 4 years ago #

    So how do I turn my site into a multisite installation? Can you reccomend any single sign on plugins?

  4. I've not tried any single sign on plugins, so I can't make any recommendations.

    I have consolidated 4 separate WordPress installations but I suggest you start by reading all of this:


    And familiarize yourself with the requirements and concepts. It's a very good read and you'll want to follow the links as well.

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