• The people at Mailchimp.com insisted on uninstalling “MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress” and installing this plugin instead, because “it’s the official” and anything else is NOT supported by them.

    However, “Mailchimp for WooCommerce” store syncing with my Maichimp.com account is stuck at syncing orders, for days! The developers for some reason don’t offer any “stop syncing” button. I guess I have to delete the plugin to stop the syncing operation that is stuck. Genius?

    I’ve asked at their support for this problem and offered to enable Remote Debugging (“Remote diagnostics for the Mailchimp for WooCommerce plugin allows our development team to troubleshoot syncing issues.”) and some Phabeon dude claims that this plugin is 3rd party and not theirs and that they can’t offer any support!

    I’ve also chatted with a number of other people on their support team (unless it’s always the same person with different nicknames), and they often give unrelated “advice” as if they are participating in a conversation with someone else at a different Universe and dimension.

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  • Plugin Support Jordan Rich


    Hey @digiopress could you provide us with the store URL. Once we have that information we’ll take a look at our backen to see what may be going on with the store and it’s sync process being stuck.

    Thread Starter digiopress


    Hello Jordan. How can I provide it to you privately?

    Plugin Support Jordan Rich


    @digiopress Hey feel free to fill out this contact form.

    ( Please note that is a temporary form not to be used for continuous support for future reference)

    Thread Starter digiopress


    Thank you. I’ve sent a message via the temporary contact form.

    Regardless of whether the sync problem will be resolved, there should be a way to cancel/stop the syncing, without having to disconnect the store (it’s a time waste to reconnect and fill in the store and audience details) or deactivating and/or deleting the plugin.

    Plugin Support khungate


    Hello @digiopress,

    Thank you for providing the necessary information and for your feedback on canceling the sync. After examining your logs, we’ve identified a couple of issues that need your attention:

    1. Action Scheduler Backlog: It appears there’s a backlog of jobs accumulating in your Action Scheduler. Though this scheduler is not an inherent component of our plugin, it is critical for syncing data between your store and Mailchimp.
    2. Fatal Errors: We also noticed fatal errors related to another plugin, specifically WooCommerce. The error message is uncaught exception: Μη έγκυρο προϊόν. and it seems to originate from a specific line in one of WooCommerce’s PHP files. This could be contributing to the backlog.

    Recommended Steps:

    1. Check Website Traffic: The Action Scheduler needs adequate website traffic to initiate scheduled tasks. You might want to consider setting up a dedicated cron job on your server or using a service like Uptime Monitor to keep tasks running as intended.
    2. Manually Trigger Tasks:
    • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
    • Navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Scheduled Actions’.
    • Use filters to show ‘Failed’ or ‘Pending’ tasks.
    • Select and run the tasks manually.
    1. Review Other Plugin Errors: The fatal error related to WooCommerce needs to be addressed as it may be contributing to your current issues. You might need to consult with WooCommerce’s support or community forums for this.

    Important Note:

    For any further support queries, please transition the conversation to our forum or GitHub page, as preferred by the WordPress.org community guidelines.

    We’re here to assist you in resolving these issues. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

    Thread Starter digiopress


    Thank you for the investigation.

    Despite this error, for which I don’t know yet how to locate the invalid products (I searched for plugins to check for invalid WC products, but with no luck), my Mailchip.com account seems to continue receiving new/fresh data from the website.

    It’s just that the sync previously seemed stuck at the Orders. Now it is stuck at the Subscribers and I can’t see any progress at all for “Subscribers” or “Transactional” or “Unsubscribed”. There are three loading dots instead.

    All the rest data of the first column (Coupons, Products, Orders) have been synced. Would that happen if the aforementioned error had any impact on the syncing operation?

    Also, is the sync ever supposed to stop? Sync status has been “Running…” for days.

    Plugin Support Jordan Rich


    @digiopress Hey there. Sorry about the pause in communication. We checked again for the URL you’ve already provided us but it appears the Remote Diagnostics may not be enabled.

    Could you let us know if their are still some syncing issues going on.

    To address your last question. Yes, the time of sync can take some time depending on the size of the store, and the server resources. This is why we often recommend using the WP-CLI to handle the Action schedular process. Check out our documentation on this on Github

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