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  • Hi there,

    I have a problem with your plugin after WordPress’s update to the newest version (5.3). My page is based on Apache 2.4 and Windows Server, where I have created task schedules for synchronization (AD to WP). Everythings worked fine ok but after update, the sync has been stopped. On server’s side it’s ok – task runs and didn’t reports any errors.

    While I click on the “Sync to WordPress” option in admin menu, the sync starts and ends correct…

    Here is the command (it’s provided by you), but maybe there is some mistake…
    powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Method POST -Body @{'next_ad_int-task'='sync-to-wordpress';'auth-code'='auth_code'}"

    Please for help because this task schedule was really great.

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  • Plugin Author schakko



    1. Can you please post a list of all plug-ins you are using?
    2. Which error do you receive in Apache’s/nginx’/php-fpm’s error log when executing Sync to WordPress?

    Thread Starter khaotic



    1. Yes, of course, here is the list
    Active Directory Thumbnails Wersja 1.06 przez Omar Mir
    Admin Menu Editor Wersja 1.9.2 przez Janis Elsts
    Autoptimize Wersja 2.5.1 przez Frank Goossens (futtta)
    Change Author Wersja 1.3 przez Martin Teley
    CustomCSS Wersja 1.0 przez __
    Footer Mega Grid Columns Wersja 1.1.1 przez WP Online Support
    Heartbeat Control by WP Rocket Wersja 2.0 przez WP Rocket
    Login Screen Manager Wersja 3.5.2 przez Nazmul Hossain Nihal
    Next Active Directory Integration Wersja 2.1.9 przez NeosIT GmbH
    Ninja Forms Wersja 3.4.22 przez The WP Ninjas
    Photo Gallery Wersja 1.5.39 przez Photo Gallery Team
    PHP Compatibility Checker Wersja 1.5.0 przez WP Engine
    Post Tags and Categories for Pages Wersja 1.4.1 przez curtismchale
    Post Views Counter Wersja 1.3.1 przez Digital Factory
    Scripts-To-Footer Wersja 0.6.3 przez Joshua David Nelson
    Search Exclude Wersja 1.2.5 przez Roman Pronskiy
    Shortcodes Ultimate Wersja 5.6.1 przez Vladimir Anokhin
    Simple Local Avatars Wersja 2.1.1 przez Jake Goldman, 10up
    Spectr Addons Wersja 1.0.0 przez Weblionmedia
    Spiffy Calendar Wersja 4.3.1 przez Spiffy Plugins (Najnowsza wersja: 4.4.0)
    TablePress Wersja 1.10 przez Tobias Bäthge
    Ultimate Member Wersja 1.3.88 przez Ultimate Member (Najnowsza wersja: 2.1.1)
    Woody ad snippets (PHP snippets | Insert PHP) Wersja 2.3.1 przez Will Bontrager Software, LLC <>, Webcraftic <>
    WPBakery Page Builder Wersja 6.0.5 przez Michael M –
    WP Super Cache Wersja 1.7.0 przez Automattic

    Inactive plugins (I guess doesn’t matter):

    Advanced Access Manager Wersja 6.0.4 przez Vasyl Martyniuk <> (Najnowsza wersja: 6.0.5)
    WP-Polls Wersja 2.75.3 przez Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
    WP Statistics Wersja 12.6.11 przez VeronaLabs

    2. I didn’t receive any error…
    The sync works correct while I have clicked on “Sync to WordPress” button in admin menu, but it’s not enough for me – I have to have active and correct powershell’s script to set task schedule on my server… 🙁

    Maybe server restart is needed?


    1. Have you already tried deactivating all plugins and only test Next Active Directory Integration: Sync to WordPress?
    2. Please check your Apache Error Log Files so that we exactly know what happened

    No it’s not necessary to restart your server

    Thread Starter khaotic


    Hi there,

    I’ve updated my PHP version to 7.4 and now I’m getting this…

    Username for the sync user does not contain a correct suffix. If the connection to the ad fails, this could be the cause. Please make sure you have added all UPN suffixes to the configuration tab User -> Account suffix.

    Nothing was changed in my configuration…

    Of course I have turned on all required php’s modules.

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    Thread Starter khaotic


    I forgot to put Apache’s logs…

    [Mon Dec 09 08:42:18.456498 2019] [php7:warn] [pid 4892:tid 808] [client my local IP] PHP Warning:  ldap_connect(): Could not create session handle: Local error in C:\\htdocs\\wp-content\\plugins\\next-active-directory-integration\\vendor\\adLDAP\\adLDAP.php on line 452, referer:
    [Mon Dec 09 08:42:18.456498 2019] [php7:warn] [pid 4892:tid 808] [client my local IP] PHP Warning:  ldap_set_option(): supplied argument is not a valid ldap link resource in C:\\htdocs\\\wp-content\\plugins\\next-active-directory-integration\\vendor\\adLDAP\\adLDAP.php on line 465, referer:

    This error occurs while I’m trying to get “Sync to WordPress” and “Test authentication” option.

    Please help and tell me – is your plugin compatible with PHP 7.4? If no, when do you think, should be compatible?

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by khaotic.
    Thread Starter khaotic


    Hello once again!

    As I guess something’s changed in PHP 7.4 because now I’m using PHP 7.1.10 and sync has been finished correctly.

    If you have any questions please let me know 🙂

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    Thread Starter khaotic


    Ohh I’m really sorry for the spam I’ve do here but I have new info:

    The problem with scheduled sync was fixed by me – there was a mistake in task configuration, but it’s really weird because I didn’t change anything with it since ~2017… Ohh, nevermind.

    But the problem with compatibility with PHP 7.4 is still open and hope you will be able to help 🙂

    Plugin Author schakko


    @khaotic please check if you have a version mismatch between your PHP binary and modules ( The error “Could not create session handle: Local error…” is not anything coming from the plug-in itself but from your php_ldap module

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