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    I’m using Shashin to hopefully display a twice daily webcam still image that is added to a Picassa album twice a day.

    Updating every 10 hours of course doesn’t work for this.

    Can anyone suggest how to change the sync interval? If it synced every hour that would cover what I’m doing. Or better, have it sync twice a day at a user configurable time.

    I’m having a very hard time finding the plugin that’ll do what we need. The huge problem has been getting the images to display in the correct order. Shashin does the sort correctly, after 12 hours of trying plugins I found one that works for sorting! But, the lack of sync control is a deal killer.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • I just found an old support comment regarding chron and such, and that you had some code edits that would allow the user to set sync times. I’m comfortable editing the source code, if someone could let me know what the modifications are. Thanks

    Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Sorry for the late reply. What Shashin does is sync 1/24th of your total number of albums every hour (so all albums are synchronized at least once per day). If you have fewer that 24 albums, it will sync one per hour (it will pick the album that has gone the longest without a sync). So if you have only 1 album in Shashin, it will get synchronized once every hour.

    If you want to change how it works, open shashin/admin/ShashinScheduledSynchronizer.php, line 40, you’ll see this line:

    $this->arrayShortcode['limit'] = ceil($totalNumberOfAlbums / 24);

    You can modify the math to get a different number. Keep in mind is that if you sync a bunch of albums at once, it will probably result in a slow page load for whoever visits the site at that time. This is because the WP Cron is not a true cron – it’s triggered by a site visitor who comes to the site around the time of a scheduled event (so if you have a low traffic site, scheduled events can happen later than scheduled).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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