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  • Hi! This is my first post and I have searched and not found an answer to my question. I am very inexperienced in this world and I hope I am not repeating something that has been asked, but I just went live with a site I built for a club and I need help. Our forum is one of our main attractions and my issue is that replies to posts in the forum (I am using symposium forum) are not showing up. That is it creates the box like the reply was made, but it is solid black with no visible text. It does have the thumbs up or down showing as well as a delete button for me to remove it, but the text of the reply does not show. I assume the text was black and went into the control panel and attempted to change in via the styles button. No luck.

    The orginal post in the thread is in a white box with black letters, but I do not see anything in the control panel in regards to reply boxes. Despite that I have made several changes hoping it would work, but so far nothing.

    I have a lot of members that are frustrated, but not nearly as much as me. I appreciate any and all help.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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