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  • Hello everyone. I’ve been a loyal WordPress user since the beginning. After a few hosting debacles, months of lost entries, and several scrapped redesigns, I’ve finally settled on my current layout. My site can be found at Any suggestions and/or comments about it would be much appreciated. Perhaps you guys can help me come up with a few design tweaks that I can take care of so I can touch up the site during the summer.
    Thanks. 🙂

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  • Scribbler works for me in Firefox/WinXP. Brilliant design!

    Excellent design. Glad to see another blogger from my alum.
    A small suggestion.. IMHO I think the navi text color would be better if the hover was dark blue instead of black. Maybe the same shade of darker blue used in your logo? The switch from white to black is a little jarring.

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. Yeah, scribbler has it’s problems with Win IE and it’s quirks mode. Yay for Microsoft… To fix it, I’d have to either remove the xhtml declaration on my index.php or perhaps I could put it inside an iframe (which would turn out pretty ugly IMO.).
    @usafdcc: The album linking was intentional. The other pictures did not have any corresponding albums to link to. Perhaps I should put up more pictures. ^^;
    @junesix: GO BEARS! Thanks for the color suggestion. I knew it didn’t seem too keen on the eyes. Sorry about that. I’ll change it right away.

    That is one kick-ass blog design! One of the best I’ve ever seen. I love it!
    Two little things that might make it even better:
    1) The logo picture at the top looks like it needs a little more space – it gets cut off just above the bottom – if you want it to be those dimensions, I’d suggest fading it a little higher up…
    2) I think it would make the design ‘float’ more if the blue colour of the menu boxes on the left were closer to the blue colour in the picture (or the other way around)… would bring them together more…

    Thanks for the suggestions Oisin. I was playing around with different shades of blue for the longest time and I guess I didn’t notice how different those colors really were. I made the header a little bigger and changed up how I did the fading as suggested. I was annoyed with how it looked for the longest time, but I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with it. It should look a tad bit better now.

    Love it 😀 But I think that there are too many boxes around. I mean each of your post have border so it looks too square *imho*. Otherwise nice work dude!
    Regards, MaxT

    Thanks for the advice Max. I love your site’s design. How’d you get the comments to alternate background colors? I’ll be reworking all the little gritty site details in the coming weeks.

    Thnx, and use search box on my site, I’ve posted there how 🙂

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip Max. I might also be using that “Rounded Corners with CSS and JS” article that you were linking to. To tell you the truth, round corners DO look much sexier now that I look at it. ^^;

    Does indeed 😉

    Hurray for inner shadows. I’ve updated some parts of the site as suggested. I’m still working on that alternating comments thing and those oh so purty rounded corners, but other than minor tweaking here and there, the site’s pretty much complete. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    FINALLY!! I’ve fixed the scribbler display issues on IE Win. O_O

    Nice work 😀 Takes time, but it’s worth it 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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