• Hi there i have had some problems that is now resolved with one of the plugins.

    But I was wondering how to symlink a file on my site or through my servers or using terminal as I have a mac and I am a complete novice at server side codings.

    Thanking any of you that can answer this.

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  • Thank you Ziyphr for your reply, unfortunately I had already read this article, but found it not entirely usely as this is for within your mac os X system and I am more interested in how to connect to my servers to achieve the same result.

    So where I am stuck at the moment is what command to use at first?

    I tried: SSH “mydomain name” but I just get a timeout result
    and tried: SSH “username”@”mydoamin name” and that timed out as well.
    I also tried the simple: ftp “mydomain name” and was able to connect to my servers ftp service but when I tried the ln -s that did not work.

    Am I supposed to get a special username and different domain name from my servers?

    Thank you any way and keep the info coming.

    What you need to do is contact your host and request SSH access to your website.

    They can either tell you how to do it, let you know you need to do something to allow you to do this, or they’ll just flat out say no.

    With my host, HostGator, I needed to open a support ticket requesting access. They granted it the next day.

    Thank you.

    very much Appreciated

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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