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    I have something strange happening on a site that I have never seen before. Some of my symbols are turning into these strange rectangular boxes with numbers inside. It is happening in both the back-end admin side of the site as well as on the front end.

    For some reason it has effected my JetPack plugin icon on the dashboard and it has effected the greater than symbols which is supposed to appear next to “Read More” after breadcrumbs/snippets on the blog.

    I also has effected the site navigaiton icon which should display an arrow I think for the dropdown menu on mobile devices and which is not displaying either this box with numbers inside or nothing at all.

    I have also individually disabled each plug-in to see if any plugins are causing it. So I know it is not a plug-in issue. Here are a couple of screen shots of the strange symbols:

    Any thoughts on what is causing it and how I might fix it would be much appreciated.


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  • webdesignerchristian


    most likely something wrong with the theme font

    Thank you. I actually fixed it. I created a backup of the site. Then I wiped out the entire WordPress install, installed a fresh WordPress install, put the backup of the site back in, and the problem is gone. Seems like it was a problem with my WordPress core install somewhere, but I guess I will never know where it was. Thanks for chiming in.

    I will also leave the files on the server for a few days that I linked in my first post above in case other people are curious to see them. Then I will remove them. So the links above will eventually be dead.



    @jixxer im still going theme with this one 🙂 but glad its working

    Well, who would have ever thunked it, but I just checked another WP site of mine and it has the same problem. As I said, I fixed the first one already which was running WP 4.5.

    The other site is running a different theme and in fact an older version of WP, it is only on 4.2.

    So it seems this isn’t a new problem in WP 4.5 nor is it limited to one theme.

    I am not sure what to do now, but I don’t want to go through what I just went through with the first site to get rid of it. There are always risks of failure when restoring from a backup so not sure I want to risk it again.

    And on the other site I just discovered it on so far I can only see it effecting the JetPack plugin icon on the dashboard. I haven’t noticed any other symbols having problems in the other site so far.

    What is true though is that it did effect both sites on the Jetpack dashboard icon.

    So I am still a bit stumped.

    @webdesignerchristian just want to add that I don’t think it is a theme issue because on the problem sites I tried changing themes and the problem still existed.

    Also, I noticed the problem occurs on all devices (desktop, laptop, Windows OS, Apple OS, and android tablets), but for some reason it does not occur on an iPhone running the latest iOS.



    @jixxer im not sure then, but i had the same symbols show up a few days ago when i was trying to mod a font my theme was using.

    @webdesignerchristian yeah, I am still not sure either what caused it. But I got rid of it on 2 sites simply by backing up the site and then replacing the site with the site backup. Quick fix.



    @jixxer thanks for sharing your solution. please mark thread resolved

    Done. Thanks!

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