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  • Hello,

    My wife wanted to switch her blog from single blog to multisite with subfolder blogs.

    And when she did so, she observed two things on her main blog that had now become the mother blog of a network :
    – addition of the (… to the permalinks, as mentioned in
    – while the pages do work, the posts do NOT work, generating a page not found blog error (not the host’s 404, wordpress’ no post found error).

    I’m sorry but I have no available testing ground and I have no experience with WordPress Multisites, so I resort to coming here to ask :
    This 404 error, is it normal ?
    Or should the permalinks be understood correctly and still point to the proper posts, meaning my wife’s blog is under a bug ?


    Just in case, I throw the additional info regarding her blog 🙂

    – To turn a normal up-to-date 1-year old WP blog to WP-Multisites, she added the required line to her blog’s wp-config, followed every guideline asked by her blog (such as editing htaccess, she’s no new to core files updating through FTP + Notepad++) and next, says she, wordpress didn’t ask her to chose between subdomains and subfolders, opting for subfolders.
    – she created just one sub-blog, and didn’t toy with that other blog yet
    – at our web host (OVH, shared), we have various domains hosted, one of them is her blog, and the webserver is set to point the domain to the root of her folder, where the wordpress blog files are located
    – I have read , but I don’t think there is a problem with that as things are right now

    (If more info is required, you’re free to as k!)

    And that’s that.

    Please, in your opinion, is the “blog posts not found” error normal, with the permalink structure modified ?
    Or not ?
    And if it’s not normal, would there be a common explanation, if this bug is no new stuff ?

    Thank you VERY much if you can help my wife and me 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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