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  • I am currently running a WordPress theme that has a built-in events calendar. It controls all the events and creates them as post types (I think that’s what you call it).

    My question is, what happens to all those old event pages when I switch themes? Some events actually do well in searches, so I’d hate to lose that SEO juice too but I really don’t want to return 404’s. Please help!
    Thank you-

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  • It really depends on what theme you’re using. It sounds like each event is a WordPress post? If so, they’ll still be there regardless of theme, but you may lose some organization of them.

    What theme is it?

    Each event is a WordPress post. The theme I’m using is called Events and it’s by Templatic.

    I saw the demo on their site, but it’s hard to say how the data is store. The posts will still be there (with the same URL), and the data should still be saved in a database (as long as you don’t delete the theme), but I don’t know if the data will be accessible outside of the theme.

    I suppose you could e-mail them and ask – commercial theme developers are usually good about answering customer questions.

    If you go to edit a post in the Administration area, can you see all the data (time, place, etc)?

    Thanks so much for looking into that for me! I appreciate it. Yes, I can see the data when I go in the backend, however I know much of it is controlled by the theme. I’ve emailed the theme developers so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. Really itching to upgrade my calendar and site!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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