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  • Oh someone please help! I’m worried I messed up & will never get my photoblog back again!

    I’d been using my wordpress blog, always under while my server was Yahoo.

    Now my server has changed for this domain, and I cannot even log into my blog to changed the server for the blog. I didn’t even know I would have to do that separately, nor did I know i had to back up my database! My blog is a huge part of my photography business and now all I get is an error message as though it never existed when I try to log on or even link to it!

    Please tell me what I can do to change my server info for a blog I cannot even log into!

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Grise Photography

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  • yes, i’ve been to the above link, but thanks anyway. the problem is that i cannot log into my account because the only thing that comes up is an Error 404 message. How do I solve this?

    while my server was Yahoo

    Do you mean you cancelled with Yahoo before you backed up your database or before you exported XML? 🙁
    Have you contacted Yahoo? Since I never used them before, you might have to reinstate your account before you can get the back ups. Is payment of such worth it to you?
    On another note, if your pages have been cached by Google, you might be able to retrieve some information enough to re-do your whole website – of course it depends on how many pages you had.

    ok turns out i have all the files on my computer already backed up, so the backing up part is no longer a problem.

    the only problem i’m having now is switching the servers when i can’t even log into my account. how do i do this?

    To login to WP you need to login to the wp-admin subdirectory of your blog but it has to be on the server, doesn’t seem to be in your case.

    It might also be that your domain name has not switched to the new server or should I say to the correct new server.

    It is best to try out the original location of the new files like

    You’ll have to check with your new host provider. If you registered with one like Bluehost it will try to make a new website using a new domain registration for you which is included in the subscription. Then you have to redirect your existing domain to that new provider.

    New server — Create new database, import SQL/database back up, upload WordPress and your wp-content file from old blog and you’re good to go. Btw, don’t forgot to point domain name to new DNS of host. Good luck.

    mercime: how do i create a new database, import, and upload? Sorry, I have no idea how to do any of this!

    GrisePhoto – who is your new webhost?
    There should be basic info there about creating database from your webhost through fantastico or cpanel or whatever format they have.
    To import and restore database, see this tutorial –
    As for uploading, this is one of basic skills you should learn for self-hosted WordPress – start with FileZilla and Google “upload with FTP.”

    mercime: I’m using bludomain, which uses cpanel. do you know how i can do it with this?

    Since you did not provide URL of host, search shows If I got the hosting right, Bludomain does not offer blogs at this time — from FAQ page

    Import a database from the command line:

    Import a database with phpmyadmin:

    You can also create the database, user and password for it from mysql databases icon in the cpanel.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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