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  • lhk


    Hi all,

    I’ve researched a while, but most threads treat specific problems, not the procedure itself in detail (or I am too tired already to find it).

    I need to move a large WP installation with lots of hacks and lots of content from one server to another server (of the same host). The only difference between these servers is their MySQL version (the current one uses 4.1.19, the new one 4.1.20).

    I’m now wondering how to best (and easiest) achieve this. One problem is that while the move is done I won’t have a final DNS resolution on the new server, it will run on a subfolder of the server IP. Right now I am _thinking_ that this won’t be the greatest problem, as WP can be assigned blog/site addresses.

    BUT – what is the best way to go about this?

    I planned on…

    – copying all files including upload folders to new space
    – creating a database with the same username/PW combo
    – populating the database via PHPMyAdmin with the content of the old one

    But probably it isn’t going to work like this?

    Who has done something like this before and what are your experiences and suggestions?



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  • vavroom


    There’s always

    But basically, what you suggest is right. That’s how I move WP from working locally on XAMPP to live servers, or from sub-directories to /root.



    Hi vavroom,

    I know that doc. Did it once (okay, it was 2 years ago) and ended up doing a complete new install and populating the dbase manually (by re-writing all posts and comments).


    That’s why I asked whether someone did that lately and maybe knows a couple of troubles-to-be and quirks.

    At least I’m on the right track. The installation is huge, I don’t really want to do it by hand.



    There’s really nothing to it. Put the files in the proper directory. Create the DB. Import the old DB into the new. Make sure wp-config reflects the right DB, user and password.
    Modify the options table to reflect the new URL (two records, one for live site, one for url, or some such).

    You may have to mess around with your .htaccess or recreate it.

    Tedious process more than anything else.



    well recently i switched the server with out any problem i just post here how i did

    1 : download your plugin and theme using your ftp from your old host

    2:log in to your old host (not wp-admin),go to my php admin

    over there you can see your old word press data base .

    3, import your data base from my php admin , you will have a option to save as gzip or zip .

    4 , now login to new web host install word press freshly

    Keep in mind your database name and password same as your old wp installation in your old web host , don’t mind about the user name

    5 after you installed fresh wp in your new host you can see
    10 field creating in your my php admin

    6, now in your new web host go to my php admin click your wp data base , now click sql , over there you can find option for browse . click the browse and upload the data base file which you back up from your old host .

    7, using ftp upload all your themes and plugin

    I believe it will work for if you stuck some where let me know

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