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    I’m just simply switching servers. I exported the current DB on the old server and imported it on the new server. Created a new DB login name and password. Wen into the wp-config.php page and changed the connection settings. It’s still not displaying properly its saying that I have put in the wrong login or password or the database connection is done. I have checked both of them many times. Any suggestions

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    Yes, check again. Check the user permissions on the new db. etc..

    Why are you checking BOTH of them, btw? Whats it matter if the old one works?

    What I meant by both of them is that I checked the DB connection and I checked the password and login information several times. It’s all correct. What I did was thake the public_html folder took all its contents and put it in the same area on the new server. So I need its installed properly if not the word press error wouldn’t have came up.

    anyone else have any ideas?

    If database connections error(s) – soemthing is wrong in your wp-config file. The error should tell you exactly what is wrong, since there are more than one error messages.

    If the user/pw combo is correct, maybe the DB_HOST is not.

    If everything is correct… maybe the DB user doesn’t have ALL the privileges.
    that is the IP. I checked the DB user has all permissions. Checked the username and password its correct checked DB name it is correct.




    and if thats what you are putting into the db field thats the problem

    take OFF the http:// — thats a URL, thats NOT an IP.

    IP and database host server are NOT the same. Usually.

    Regardless, what you say, in 99.99% of the cases there is a problem with the wp-config file and it is caused by the user: typo, empty space, curly quotes etc.

    no I’m not putting that as the DB I’m just saying thats what the error is showing me. I’ll keep trying.

    I got it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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