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  1. Elli_K
    Posted 1 year ago #


    Are these instructions still valid:

    Guess this would also solve my current problem with having /blog -slug on the main site.

    Asking this, since I remember reading more recent instructions saying that server structure could not be changed after installation.

    Or is it better just to make a fresh installation? OR could I have both, keep the current install, and set with .htaccess a subdomain only to selected subsites? Would this cause any problems in case in the future there would be +50 subsites?

  2. Asking this, since I remember reading more recent instructions saying that server structure could not be changed after installation.

    Nah, you can totally do it, it's just a total PITA if you're not good with the DB.

    How many sites do you already have?

  3. Elli_K
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I currently still have only main site + 2 test blogs, containing only few test posts. So I basically _can_ start all over again, with fresh installation. But since I allready once tested dublicating the whole *insert rude word here*, and even that was not very smooth considering all the widgets and them not movin properly, I'm willing to try ;)
    (And yes, I do DB backups daily).

    About being good with DB.. I only know the basics, meaning I can export, import, drop, optimize, repair etc. or go into a certain table, and change something that is clearly visible. Custom queries is also doable, but only when I have copypaste instructions to do that.

  4. Elli_K
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Ok, seems like that went quite smoothly, so I can confirm, those instructions are valid with 3.9.1. Only more 'trouble' I had, was with locating mainsite permalinks options in DB in order to remove 'www'.

    One question thou; I have naturally set my domain to allow subdomain wildcards. But at the moment, when I add new site, I have to add manually new subdomain to my server. Is this expected bahaviour? Or should WP be able to create, and add subdomains automatically? In that case I suspect, my server is missing some settings.

  5. Yes. You have to also tell your SERVER to use wildcard subdomains, you see.

  6. Elli_K
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Ok, thought so. At the moment, I have:

    - Set domain to allow wildcards in domain management (DNS zone having record for *.domain.com & *.www.domain.com)
    - Added permission to add custom directives in Apache configuration file (Server alias *.domain.com)
    - Allowed user directories

    Is something missing?

  7. Why did you allow user directories? What does that have to do with anything?

  8. Elli_K
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I thought that was needed, in order WP to be able to install virtual folders with my original server structure. But guess not? Sorry, I'm very out from my comfort zone with anything like this :D

  9. Ah, okay, so Multisite is WordPress. Just like you don't actually have pages and posts created on your site, you won't have virtual folders. In fact, having them will bork up WP good.

    1) Set DNS to allow wildcards to point to your IP

    2) Set vhosts to know that *.domain.com should load from domain.com's home

    3) Done.

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