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  • I’m pretty much fed up with my host. A few weeks ago they changed my static IP address after two years of leaving it alone (and two years of fantastic service.) Now, I’m not a complete idiot; I know that changing the IP address has nothing to do with anything. I just find it interesting that this marks the very spot that the bad service started. Since that time, my site has been down at least once per day, usually as a result of server overload (sounds like they consolidated two servers.) Today, however, I noticed that MySQL was showing no database. That’s right: my site doesn’t even exist anymore. Thankfully, I backup every two or three days, so I thought this would be a piece of cake to resolve. I first tried to simply upload the backup, but got an error message about the tables being wrong or something. That’s when I tried to open phpMyAdmin to have a look at said tables. I got an error that the password was wrong. Then I went back to MySQL and tried to manually create a new database and upload my database information to the new one. That didn’t work either, as MySQL wouldn’t create a new database. I thought, “Hmm, sounds like MySQL is down.? I hopped over to the server status page and found a green light beside MySQL (using cPanel; it’s kind of dummy-proof.) “All is not lost? I tell myself, trying desperately to avoid depression. I decided to write my host a friendly little letter.

    This is where I find myself. It’s like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want my site to stay up for my readers, but the site isn’t up consistently with this host. So, I decide to switch hosts, but that puts it down temporarily, too. What do I do? Just now I noticed that MySQL actually recognizes my database again (magic!) But this is bound to happen again. I’m not switching hosts just because of a month of bad luck; I’m a more loyal customer than that. That was the purpose of the letter I wrote them. I thought I would give them a chance to respond before moving forward. However, I think I know where all this is leading, hence this post. What hosts are you guys using, which ones would you recommend I steer clear of, which ones are WordPress-friendly, etcetera?

    Thanks! (And thanks for listening; I really had to get that off my chest.)

    PS: For the newbies: backup everything at least once a week, in case you find yourself in my shoes!

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  • I’ve heard rumors that Dreamhost is not a good option, and I’ve heard that Freshly Pressed is a great one. Any others?

    I can always send you to my host company that i run 😉

    Put up a link; I’m leaving no stone unturned! I got a letter back from my host just now with an apology about the situation. They told me they “installed a MySQL monitoring system to prevent this problem in the future.” Whatever.

    jonlandrum: I also have the feeling that DH is not a decent option, and it’s beginning to look like BlueHost has a few wonkinesses as well.

    I highly recommmend They’re fairly small, which is a major selling point for me and others I know. They are super responsive. Only little caveat: they are apparently moving to php-as-cgi in toto in the next while; now I personally haven’t had any problems running wp or any other php/perl scripts under this setup, and I remain extremely happy with them. I’ve moved all my sites (personal as well as ones I manage) to them, and have picked up a reseller account (which I’m really not touting – I truthfully do NOT want to resell!)

    There are however many many options. Google is your friend….

    I transfered my site from zeeblo (free hosting service with Cpanel) to dreamhost about 1 month ago, and I’m not happy at all as I’m with Zeeblo.. Zeeblo had Cpanel, fast servers, great support and almost instant activation…however, Dreamhost didnt approve my account instantly (took 7 days to be approved) and it really made me sick, they even haven’t got a phone number to call and also their servers aren’t fast enough (however I might be wrong)..But Everyone recommend HostGator, maybe you should give them a try, or you can try Yahoo Web Hosting (Reliable)..
    If you want to look at my site (to try DreamHost servers 😉 ), just click: Racing Videos is a cheap hosting service that i’m with, uptime is 99.9% ,servers are fast an if you have any problem they’re willing ot help with anything.

    DreamHost are the cause of a LOT of posts to these forums.

    “DreamHost are the cause of a LOT of posts to these forums.”
    I agree.. – In the fifth year with them, never any big problem, every WP feature (permalinks, trackbacks etc.) always working after each upgrade. Very fast and excellent support.


    I also have the feeling that DH is not a decent option, and it’s beginning to look like BlueHost has a few wonkinesses as well.

    What do you mean by “wonkiness”? Care to share? I was thinking about changing to them from Yahoo.

    What about that Laughing Squid company? They’re a little pricy, but being small they would probably have much better customer service. I don’t care how much storage comes with the package; I’ve got a 200 meg package and have 187 unused megs. It’s bandwidth, reliability, and customer service that I’m looking for.

    sguler: if you use a google site search here (since the localized search is such a pile of you-know-what), you’ll find several threads with info regarding Bluehost and things that are very wrong there.

    Yeah, I’m with you vkaryl; the WP site search could stand a revamp. If they’d make the site using their own software then they’d have a bangin’ search engine already, but that’s a rant for a different thread.

    google for “dreamhost”
    and google for “bluehost”
    which one gives more results??

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