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  • I’m currently switching hosting providers and want to keep my blog completley intact. I’m moving from GoDaddy to Media Temple and so far am having a few problems figuring it out. I was wondering if someone might be able to help.

    Basically how do I set everything up on the new host without having significant downtime on my site. The domain isn’t changing, just the server.

    Thanks if anybody can help me out.

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  • I think you’d better move all the files, database from GoDaddy server to the new one and try to run your blog via the preview mode. Once everything is okay, you then need to change the DNS to the new server. Please bear in mind that pointing DNS to new server would normally take 24h to propagate..

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    Preview mode? Is this the only way to do it?

    To be honest, I’m not sure what the preview mode thing was all about.

    Start with a look at Moving_WordPress in the docs section. That should get you cooking.

    I would recommend fusednetwork or asmallorange for shared web hosting. I am running my site on fusednetwork and they have very good customer support. I see that you already decided on a web host. I would contact Media Temple and explain the situation. Some hosts will help you move your site for free and they are the experts. Fusednetwork will migrate your site for free

    I am not affiliated with fusednetwork. I am just a happy customer

    To bad GoDaddy dose not use cpanel. All you have to do is back up the database and the WordPress directory probably everything in /public_html. You can backup your /public_html directory from a FTP client. Their should all so be a control panel for managing your site. You just have to find out how to backup your site from this control panel.

    Don’t get ride of your Godaddy site until you know your new site is up and running on Media Temple

    I would make sure your new host Runs a conman control panel like cpanel. Their will be lots of documentation on how to do database backups and site migration

    Here’s what I did.

    1) Lower your TTL value for the domain you are switching IP’s for.

    2) Login to your (mt) account, setup the domains. Set up the mysql database on (mt).

    3) Backup your database from Godaddy and import the sql files to the new database.

    4) On your Godaddy wordpress installation update the wp-config files with your (mt) database info… that way you can still keep blogging during the transition.

    … wait a day… take a break, drink some coffee.

    5) Make a complete copy of your wordpress install from Godaddy over to Media Temple.

    6) After that is all setup make sure the (mt) version is working. Media temple gives you an alternative access url to see your site before it goes live.

    7) Login to your registrar and update the nameservers… to and

    It shouldn’t take too long to resolve considering that you lowered your TTL.

    In any case if it does take long your site will still be up running on the mediatemple db.

    … after a few hours or so do a tracert to your site to make sure it’s pointing to media temple.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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