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  • I am trying to figure out how to get to my new blog but when I log in all I get is my profile. Where is my dashboard, etc? Perhaps the problem is that I am using an outside host and had them walk me through the installation for .org and I was notified that it is installed. But I don’t understand their instructions for activating it and they tell me they can’t help because they don’t support third party whatever.

    I’m currently at which is a site. Do I need to go into that admin and switch or something? Though I’ve been using that site for a while I’m still obviously pretty helpless about this stuff. The support pages seem only to tell you how to install, nothing about where you go to find your blog and I don’t remember how I got started in .com.

    Using a mac w/ snow leopard if that helps…

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    It sounds like you are logging in as a subscriber rather than as an admin.

    Thanks for getting back to me, but I’m still hopelessly lost and have tried finding answers through support and forums to no avail. So, I’m hoping you will continue to give me some help.

    First I can’t even figure out how to login to my admin. When you go to there is no login page and the one I did find, again, just gives me this profile thing — no dashboard.

    I have downloaded wp from an independently hosted site to .org but the instructions I’m getting from both about activating the site are so confusing. I created an acct with, but it is unclear if it is as a for subscriber or a site user (as you suggest the problem is) is unclear. I don’t know why this is so difficult for me, but any help you can give me would be most appreciated.

    I’ve also tried exporting my .com site to my .org site with the instructions for exporting the xml files, but when I do so I get the msg that you can’t export xml files, only jpegs etc. So why do the instructions tell you you can”! I’m guess that again, it’s because I’m on a subscriber site rather than a user.

    If you have the patience to check this out, the instructions are here:

    And if you don’t have that patience, and I can’t imagine why you would, can you can point me to someone who will walk me through this on the phone — for pay? Sigh, I guess I will have to do that. I’d really hoped I could figure this out myself as it is a new small biz, but I guess you get what you pay for. Thanks again for any help you can give me. Cheers, Gretchen

    I found that “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson to be very helpful for me – she starts at beginners and works you through Theme development.

    The more detailed your questions (with a link to your site if appropriate) will help people to understand what information you need. A good headline helps also.

    The Codex can be intimidating – I have found that has some nice tutorials with nice screen shots for some subjects.


    It seems you may be confused as to the differences between and is a place where you can host a blog run by wordpress for free by registering an account. is a site where you can download the latest version of the free wordpress software for use on your own site on a server of your choice. No registration or account is necessary.

    If you had your domain redirected to your account, you’ll have to change that first.

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