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  • Hi,

    I want to switch from the free hosting to to allow more flexibility in terms of design.

    I already have a blog running on

    If I get hosting and install wordpress software on my computer, will I be able to transfer all of the content on my blog to my new locally hosted blog?

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  • Not without a fair amount of agony. Only way at this point seems to be using RSS. And unless things have changed in the last few days, that only works for posts, comments are even more problematic.

    yeah…same issue myself. not really any good solutions

    Cheers guys!

    Ok, I think I will have to start a new blog. I have a blog with blogger and it allows you to edit the html so you can put buttons on the side etc. that’s what I wanted to do with this one, but once I started this one I realised that is not possible. That means I can’t get a stat tracker on my site as I need to know where the traffic is coming from exactly. The stats tracker I’ve got at the moment only shows the hits on my site as I could not put in the script code on this wordpress blog.

    Right. At this point you can’t edit any of the actual blog files on .com blogs. It appears to be planned for the future but there’s also no time-frame there either….

    If I start another blog with and get my own hosting, and choose to have one of the ready made template themes, will I be able to edit them and add buttons on the side etc?

    oh yeah. If you host wordpress on your own domain you can control everything. There’s no limit to what you can do as long as you’re creative and are willing to fail.

    But editing the template is simple. You’ll log into the dashboard, go to the presentation tab, and then go to the theme editor. There you can modify style.css, index.php, etc.

    There’s a bit of a learning curve between blogspot templates and wordpress templates (from <$BlotItemTitle$> to <?php…..?>) but if you know some XHTML and CSS it’s not that hard to start out with simple tweaks. Adding buttons is a snap

    Thanks a million guys for the help.

    I think I’ll look on the tutorials for XHTML an CSS on this site. study them for a few days and after i have a grasp on it, I will then start my new blog with buttons and stuff!


    Dunno if this helps, but you can add, with, chicklets and links and such — just embed the appropriate tags into a link in your “Links” section.

    Hi ShemMaina again. Saw your comment on my blog – thanks!

    So, to better explain what I was babbling about earlier:

    “Chicklets” are those various and assorted colorful little icons or badges that some folks line up along their sidebars. (yep, I’m guilty of it). Usually related to ways to add feeds with various RSS readers or little tiny billboards. They’re a bit awkward to add to, but quite doable. In a very similar fashion as how you likely added your Sitemeter graphic.

    And at that, I’ll drop it before I get hollered at by a moderator for not staying on topic and covering WP.Com stuff. 😉

    Heh…. so THAT’S what they’re called, and conversely, what a “chicklet” is…. I thought it was chewing gum….

    well, when I was a wee lad back in the 70’s, it was a highly sought after gum indeed!

    But, we adapt I suppose…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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