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    I am attempting to take an existing site that is currently hosted with and was created using weebly and redo the site using wordpress. I am not changing the domain or the hosting provider. So I went to the control panel and selected wordpress as my site builder, installed wordpress 3.4.1, installed and activated a theme, and yet it still shows the weebly created site. I cannot get it to switch over to the wordpress site. This is probably very simple and a dumb question, but I have no experience in this sort of thing. Thanks for your help!

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  • jonradio


    Although I’m not familiar with weebly, the problem WordPress has with a previous site builder is that it created a home page as index.htm or index.html, or even home.html. These files must not be present for WordPress to function in the same directory, typically the root of the domain name. Because WordPress uses index.php has its “entry point”. And because web servers are almost always set up to look first for the index.html or .htm file, before looking for index.php.

    In short, you’ll have to delete or rename home.html, index.html, index.htm or home.htm if any of them exist before WordPress can work in the same directory.

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