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  • Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering about switching from sub-directories to sub-domains for my WordPress Multisite installation. If the site hasn’t gone live yet, is there any way to do this semi-easily? I disabled multisite in wp-config, exported all the subsite databases, deleted the subsite databases, and reenabled multisite but it said it still found the previous install and wouldn’t let me reconfigure. Has anyone found a way to do this without completely reinstalling WordPress?

    Why I’m asking: I’m currently planning out a multisite installation that I wanted to develop on a test server before going live. The only problem is that I want the final website to have sub-domains but on my test server I can only use sub-directories (just because I have a live site on the server I’m using for testing). Thankfully I haven’t actually developed the whole site yet, but I want to know what types of problems I’m going to run into so I can know how to set it up for development. So far it’s looking like I’m going to have to develop locally (wanted it online for easier access) or migrate each blog to MS after it’s on the final server…

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  • You forgot the sitewide tables.

    But here’s the rub: the reason you’re ultimately doing this is not going to be practical in the real world. Making a dev install one format and the live install the *other* format just… doesn’t work.

    Yes, you CAN fake the subdomain on your local install. Don’t use wildcards, no (cuz you can’t) but just… make a couple subdomains. You don’t need a hundred, just one or two.

    Have you tried that before? That looks super easy, I was hoping I had looked something like that over. From there I could just use find and replace to sort out the permalinks in the database and that’s it?

    I actually just spent the last hour reading your responses to other threads on doing a local install, trying to test that out as well but I really rather would have a remote install, but I am pretty nervous switching the format so I’m not what I’ll do yet. BTW thanks for sharing your massive amount of knowledge in these threads!

    I did it once, but I did it on a site with two sub-sites and not a lot of posts.

    The more complex you make it, the more weird it gets.

    And partner to the link Ipstenu shared, it’s only if you’re going to make the switch *once*. Not “and back again”.

    t I really rather would have a remote install, but I am pretty nervous switching the format so I’m not what I’ll do yet.

    I woudl not switch formats back & forth.

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