Switching from Movable Type, a couple of template tag questions (2 posts)

  1. vx600
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    I'm currently using MT as a CMS for my site but am leaning towards switching to WordPress soon. I have fairly customized templates in MT and have imported most of them over to WP but have some questionss regading template tags. To cut it short...

    1. Is there a way to change the default slug filler from - to _?
    2. Category slug: How to "print" category slugs in the templates?
      My html/css code relies heavily on the use of body id's, I'd like to know how to make this happen in WP, ie:
      <body id="the_category_slug_here">
    3. Title slug: How to "print" title slugs in the templates?
      I create links automatically with MT templates to files that have the same title as the post, like
      a href="http://my.site/audio/the_title_slug.mp3
    4. More field: Is there a way to enter static content before the "more" part of an entry?
      I'd like to keep posting html to minimum, and use the templates for some formatting - like static copyright information and legal stuff, since most of the content in my "more" part are playlists. In MT, this was achieved with MTEntryIfExtended tag.
    5. Titles: Is there a way to get n number of characters from a post title?
      Again, for link creation like this:
      a href="http://my.site/realaudio/titlen_podcast.rm
      And if I could offset that with 1 character I'd be in heaven :)

    Thanks for looking, hope there is an easy solution - the ones I'd really hope have an answer for are the questions related to slugs.

    And oh, can I include php bits in an entry when making a post?


  2. vx600
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