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  • Is it easy to transfer your db’s information from a local machine to the main database? I’d like to work with the site locally before I move it to the main server.
    Thanks for any help!

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  • -Reason I ask is because I don’t know how difficult it would be (after tweaking it) to move the site and have to rearrange the settings…

    I do the reverse, downloading from the site to localmachine, and here’s how I usualy do it.
    Initially, I took wp-config.php and made two additional copies. I renamed one to “wp-config-local.php” and the other “wp-config-remote.php” — the one marked local gets all of my local DB connection info, and the one marked remote has all the db info for my live server. Now, no matter if wp-config.php gets over written, I can restore to which ever version I need.
    The only big problem I’ve run into is the database itself, some of the settings store the URL to your WP site… so that needs to be changed by hand if you do a dump of the data before it will run right.

    Hmmm…ok, I somewhat follow you. I’m new to all of this. Basically, I just want to know that if I install this locally on my computer, tweak it out and enter a ton of information in the local database…I won’t have any problems transferring the whole site and database information to my hosts server (I know the host will have the same software running-mysql).
    What do you mean exactly when you say you download from the site to your local machine? It seems that it’s easiest to work locally before uploading your site to your server…?
    Thanks again!

    The main thing you’ll need to change is the ‘siteurl’.

    matius – in short. Yes, and when I initially set it all up, that’s how I did it. And when ever I go through an upgrade, that’s the way I do it as well. But since I edit hte files remotely from both home and work, I sometimes need to pull from the remote server beack down to my local machine. I also do this right before an upgrade for backup reasons.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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