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    I have been reading the posts and i really don’t understand why this issue is getting ignored.

    I have visual edotor activated, yes, I can code, but i find it a bit speedier to use the visual editor. So when i pasted something in that brought some residual formatting that made it pook like poo, i switched to code editor using the convenient tab, and lo and behold i could edit the existing code. So i thought

    The i switch back, finish, save the post and surprise: all my line breaks have been stripped out. It took far to long to find out that the only way to fix it was to switch to code, manually add the tags for line vbreaks or paragraphs then publish. switching to visual stripped everything again.

    What the heck is wrong with you? I see answer after answer advising us sagly that visual is not for entering code, and to turn it off.

    Then WHY THE HELL add a code tab and allow you to swtich over and completely destroy your formating?

    At the least remove the damn code tab so people dont blow themselves up. It makes no damn sense to tell people not to do it when you provide them the means to do so.

    As an addendum, if Editor Monkey and show you your code for editing, and Xinha can as well, why can’t you include it natively?

    WordPress should be better. I updated to 2.6 excited about the add media buttons, which dont work, and the captions to images which i am losing as i am reactivating either editor monkey or xinha so i can at least post semi effectively.

    i’m not planning on switching, but I admit, I am sorely disappointed in your code.

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  • mojorob


    Not found that problem myself, I’ve been able to use the HTML option and then switch back to Visual.



    I found the answer: Install advanced TinyMCE.

    it has an option to NOT strip the <p> and

    apparently stripping them is a design feature you ahve to suppress.


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