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    Hi, Corey. Is there a known issue with regard to Elegant Themes’ Divi 3.0 and your White Space Warnings? I just switched to Divi and got my first White Space Warning.

    I disabled all plugins, refreshed the UpDraft Existing Backups page and still see the pink warning banner.

    Also, my site is on my localhost (xampp) so I can’t download via FTP. Maybe a “stupid question,” but can I just COPY the files from C:\xampp…wp-content\updraft to my usual C:\backups directory without any problems?

    Excuse my ignorance; I’m not IT. Could ya tell? Ha!

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    We are not aware of an issue with Divi 3.0. We will look into the theme and see if we can reproduce the issue.
    Did you make any manual changes to the Divi theme files?#

    You can copy UpdraftPlus backups as normal without any issues. The backup files are standard ZIP and GZIP archives.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    We actually run Divi 3.0 on our own sites, and don’t get this warning. So it doesn’t seem to be caused by Divi.

    Thank you both for your replies. I don’t want to waste your time.

    David: If you’re running Divi 3.0 and not experiencing problems, that sounds like a solid indication that no problem exists with Divi.

    DNutbourne: No, I haven’t made any changes to Divi files. Just a few custom CSS mods in the child-theme style.css file.

    Having disabled my plugins and still the warning remains, I’m not sure how to resolve this. If instructions suitable for “an artist building his own site” exist, please point me in that direction.

    Sorry to address you guys as “Corey.” It was late, I was tired, I also use Duplicator (authored by Corey). Duh.

    Plugin Contributor DNutbourne



    Are there any PHP files in the child-theme (e.g. functions.php)?
    If so, could you check these files using a text editor?

    You are looking for any white-space that is outside the PHP opening and closing tags (‘<?’ and ‘?>’). This white-space will need to be removed.


    My sincere thanks to you for following up as you did.

    My child theme directory contains only two files: functions.php and styles.css. Per your instructions I inspected both, and BOTH contained LOTS of “white space” among the code (as in, more than a single blank text line). That’s my fault. The Divi theme relies heavily on CSS mods, so I’m forced to “thrash about” in there (oh, brother).

    As someone new to WP, I had no idea the “white space” mattered…duh.

    Per your much appreciated suggestion, I made sure that no more than a single blank line exists between lines of code (in both files) and that not even a line break exists outside the starting and ending characters. As a result, NO MORE WHITE SPACE WARNING when I fire up UpDraftPlus! Too good!

    I so appreciate this(!) and I’ll bet your helpful advice will help resolve a couple of “mystery problems” I’ve been hanging around the necks of the poor Divi Support Forum reps. I much appreciate it. I hope many WP users read this thread and benefit by it as much as I have.

    Thank you again,

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