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  • I have tried multiple CDNs for my blog in the past like Cloudflare, Cloudfront, Fastly and even Google Cloud CDN but all of them had one huge drawback (especially Google’s) and that it – they are expensive for a college student like me and Google’s CDN is pretty complicated in pricing too. Switched over to Bunny CDN and I have never looked back since!

    Also, I love the perma-cache feature which is a great way to improve the performance of your website by reducing the number of times your content has to be fetched from your origin server. This can lead to faster load times for your visitors as data un-cached by the CDN is directly served by the perma-cache location closest to the client which reduces latency drastically

    Another unique feature is their video hosting feature not because of whatever they provide in them (many other companies do), but because of their pricing. Video encoding is FREE! Also, video storage cost is as cheap as Bunny CDN’s storage. Also, the video delivery CDN (if we opt for High volume CDN delivery), is also much cheaper than the competition!

    It’s a 10/10 recommended from my side!

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