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  • I have just switched over to WordPress 1.2.1 from Movable Type 3.1 and I absolutely love it. I wrote a whole long post about it, which you can see here along with the rest of my blog:
    No more annoying rebuilding, or slow CGI/Perl, or complicated install…and a lot more that I’ve left behind from simplicity, speed, power, and freedom.
    Thank you, WordPress, for a truly quality product!

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  • Oh, and I forgot to mention: I was disappointed for MT’s failure to comply with standards, whereas WordPress meets them 100%. I can appreciate this as a developer.

    A former MT and Blogger user here as well. If you run into problems, or just have questions, come on back. Lots of friendly folk willing to help.
    Welcome aboard.

    Thanks, Kafkaesqui!
    Your comment actually reminded me of yet another feature that didn’t work for me with Movable Type but has been perfected with WordPress: imports from other tools. I used Blogger for the longest time, because originally I didn’t have a website. Then I moved to FTP publishing; in total I accumulated 177 posts in Blogger. When I moved from Blogger to Movable Type, I tried desperately to import in order to help my confused readers, to no avail. The import tool in MT simply did not work. Harrumph!
    But when I switched to WordPress last night, both imports were quick and simple. Now I’ve gotten rid of my Blogger and MT installation on my website and moved absolutely everything to WordPress.

    Heh. I well remember the time I spent with the Blogger importer for MT. I got things to work to my satisfaction, but I’ll just say that’s the point when I became interested in the internals of blogging tools. ;)

    Yeah; and when you look inside, you realize how much more you can do with WordPress with regard to redistribution. With MT you can distribute patches and plugins; with WordPress you can redistribute your own hacked version of WP.
    It probably did require a good bit of modification before you could get it to work, did it not?

    Oh! I have no experience with Perl whatsoever, and thus would not be able to do that. Even when I tried adjusting the Blogger template to MT’s specs, it still produced an error message and no results.
    Whereas the WordPress tool was simply flawless, and got it on the first try.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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