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    Because PayPal’s (lack of) customer service has driven me to the point of madness recently, I’m looking at making the switch to Stripe.

    We have a recurring subscription membership, and PayPal manages those accounts for us.

    Is there anything I need to know, do, or keep in mind while making a change, from the perspective of PMPro, beyond just changing the Gateway under Payment Settings?


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  • Hi kingkerti,

    You will be very happy with Stripe:)

    PMPro does not store the credit card data so you cannot transfer this info from PayPal to Stripe.

    What is your billing cycle and expiration for your memberships?

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    We’re on a yearly billing cycle.

    I’m thinking I could just cancel the recurring part of their subscriptions on PayPal so that when they’re up in a year, they can just renew manually. All new signups would already be handled by Stripe.

    Does that seem like it would work? And do I need to know anything else about the switch?


    Hi kingkerti,

    I’d like to confirm with Jason that when you change gateways on your site it will not cancel your existing members access.

    There may be a workaround, but you could export them out via CSV file first, to have a way to cross check again should you have to manually reactivate their memberships.

    New signups would be fine.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman



    Switching gateways should always be done with care, but works pretty seamlessly. Some notes:

    * If you leave the API information for the old gateway (PayPal in this case) populated when switching to the new gateway, those values will be stored in the background and…
    * Your existing PayPal subscriptions will not be cancelled (unless people checkout again)
    * If users who signed up on PayPal cancel or change membership level, their PayPal subscription will be cancelled.

    So you should in theory be able to just enter the Stripe information and switch over to Stripe. Your old users will continue to be billed through PayPal until they either cancel or checkout again (at which time their PayPal subscription will be cancelled and a Stripe subscription will be created.) People will often create incentives to “upgrade” etc for users to checkout again to consolidate their billing.

    Hope this helps.

    Perfect. That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

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