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  • I’m fairly new to WordPress and there’s one thing that drives me nuts…

    If I have multiple pages to edit, it’s very inefficient that after I’m finished editing a page I have to go back to the the list of pages, scroll through to find the next page, and click to edit again. Because I use WordPress as a CMS, this sometimes means going through pages and pages of results to find the page (or post, for that matter) that I want to edit.

    I feel like on the page/post editor there should a dropdown box that lets you select another page to edit without having to go back to the main list and scroll through several pages of results. Since some of the sites I’m building have 80+ pages this would be a big time saver.

    I was sure that someone would have thought of this but I can’t seem to find a plugin for it. Does anyone know of one?

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  • Like you I’m new to wordpress.
    always used Dreamweaver till now where you can open multiple “pages” just like multi tabs on your browser so editing, copyin etc netween pages is a breeze.
    Is there any way to open multiple pages for editing within wordpress?

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