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    I have a blog/site on, but want to add plug-ins, etc. I’m a novice and need step-by-step directions to make the switch to
    Please Help!

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  • 1 register a domain name you like (see notation at end)
    2 get a web hosting account (I recommend one different than from where you get domain name in case of problems with host)
    3 download wordpress (download link at top of this page)
    4 unzip files
    5 upload files to your site (this explains the upload process)
    6 Install wordpress (step by step guide)
    good video on installing
    7 Install same themes and plugins you already have on new blog
    8 go to blog and go to
    admin – tools – export (follow instructions on that page)
    9 go to new blog
    admin – tools – import
    You are good to go

    if you have your domain name already at you will need to do the export 1st so you can enter the dns from them to your new host

    Okay…Do you recommend GoDaddy or a different host source?

    godaddy is ok (some here report slow loading) but be sure and get the linux server as they will default you to windows

    I use and recommend A Small Orange – many cheap plans – the support is out of this world

    Blue Host is recommended a lot and they have a one-click wordpress install called Simple Scripts

    in the end it is up to you

    I’ll check out A Small Orange and Blue Host. I hope I don’t get lost in the technicalities and really appreciate your help. I’ll be in touch if I have any other questions.

    we are open 24/7/365

    i did all that, but the all the WP videos and the youtube are not visible, only the namea of the files!!

    Samboll can you please advise me. I have webhosting with Blue host and have installed word press correctly and the theme I want to use correctly. Blue host have confirmed my installation is correct. I have my domain forwarding set up and I have my Samboll please note all early stages of work for my London based rescue.
    My problem is and I have tried and tried I cannot export and import to my Blue host website and I have read tutorials and have followed all instructions. The emails I receive state ‘Your WordPress import was successful’
    Blue host have suggested that I ask forum. Thank you


    i did all that, but the all the WP videos and the youtube are not visible, only the namea of the files!!

    create an .htaccess
    add this line and save it and upload it to your root
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

    @ secretsquirrel
    if you are really stuck – email me
    s r b 3 3 3 at a t t dot n e t
    just smush it together

    I have smushed! and emailed but it bounced back. Yes desperate for advice as just cannot move on. Thanks

    You did use ‘@’ for ‘at’ and ‘.’ for ‘dot’ right?

    think i put the @ in the wrong ‘at’
    many thanks and i hope to hear from Samboll

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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