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  • Dear WP community

    I have downloaded and installed Swipp V1.2 from the WordPress site. It works great.

    I am using it with another WP plugin called Question and Answer. this allows members to post a question and other members to attempt to answer it. The question takes the form of a post in WP terms.

    What I would like to do is integrate an “Add Swipp” option to the form where members post questions. When questions are posted it is not a normal WP post and edit page where there is an Add Swipp button. It is simply a form generated by the Question and Answer plugin.

    A Swipp can be added after the question is posted by editing the post but members to not have access to the edit facility. A moderator with admin priveleges has to do this.

    Could you tell me how to insert an Add Swipp button to the “Post a Question” form?

    Many Thanks

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  • Can you point me to a link to the Question and Answer plugin so that I can take a look at how it stores the content? I’m not too optimistic – it looks as though it would be a custom integration outside the scope of this plugin… but you never know!


    Thanks Doug

    The Question and Answer Forum plugin is at

    Hi Tradedog. I checked out their plugin and it’s quite comprehensive. If they used the WP text editor, it would be possible since we publish a shortlink to it. It appears they have their own form editor so there’s no way we can attach to it.

    Thx Doug, I really appreciate your efforts. While you were looking at Q and A forum did you happen to see where the short form code is? They use a short form [list_questions] which drops a WP category menu in there which I don’t want.

    Trouble is with Q and A Forum which I think is quite a nice plugin is that the author no longer supports it.

    Thx again


    PS: Will send you a link to my site when its up and running and you can see what i am doing with Swipp.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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