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  • I managed to retool this baby from the ground up. There’s a lot of customized WP/PHP stuff, but I don’t imagine that’s obvious from the page itself. [Though the source code is mighty tightly indented, if I do say so myself.]

    I’d really appreciate some feedback on it. Thanks!

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  • Looks very nice. Like the color scheme.

    Nice design. Well done with the indentation; I tend to indent the php code as well as the html which means that that a view-source on the end result always tends to look a bit of a mess 🙂

    Good job!

    Thanks. Does anyone here run Mac? ‘Cause I’d like to make sure things look somewhat fine on the platform. Thanks!

    Looks pretty good in Safari.

    Thanks, a friend managed to send me some screenshots from that browser just a few minutes ago. Looks right on the money. [Gotta love web standards compliancy!]

    in the footer u wrote 3 links, colophon, archives and links.

    they don´t work correctly. if you click on archive u get to colophon, if you ´ll click on links you get on archives, but the link or the page for your link is missing there.

    perhaps i did something wrong, but perhaps i found a bug. happy easter everyone

    What browser are you using, please?

    firefox and ie, both for surfing and testing

    It works in your FireFox, though, right?

    no im sorry. the hyperlinks in the footer doesn´t work in both browsers. im used to work in the web with 1280×1024 but on my small tft its also wrong.

    i tried to make a screenshot, but its not shown where im gonne get connectet and my mouse is also not shown.

    can someone else test this pls? perhaps its something in my browsers. would be nice if there is someone who can help us finding my bug 🙂

    Alright. i think I got rid of that links bugginess, though let me know if that’s not true. It should work now in Opera/IE/Mozilla. At least on PC.

    However, I still can’t figure out what the heck is up with the lists on these two pages:

    The links page makes it very obvious that for some reason IE is having a hard time letting go of that negative text-indent on those li elements. Oh! Hold on a second. Oh, nevermind. I thought I might could have put the indent on the ul element, but that would have only indented the first line. :/

    Please, please, please someone fill me in on what I’m missing.

    FIXED! I hope! At least, the two main errors are fixed. Anyone else having strange issues?

    I’m using a Mac; it looks great in Safari and Firefox, but the headers are messed up in Explorer (no surprise there, hunh?). I’l see if I can figure out the Grab utility so I can send you a screen image.

    The footer links work great in all three browsers.

    Great job!

    Moderator James Huff


    Rosie, hit command-shift-4 and use the cross-like cursor to define the area you want to take a screen shot of. It will take the shot as soon as you’re done drawing the rectangle. Or, use FreeSnap: ^_-

    I got the grab just fine, but don’t have an e-mail addy for you. So I uploaded it to flickr. If that’s wrong, just delete this post. I’ll remove the image later so I don’t destroy my bandwidth limit.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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