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    I have installed your free version for test if it works with my page.
    I use Woocommerce and I have 2 languages online – about 2/3 of the content is translated in English with WPML.

    My mainlanguage is German and it is cached now.
    Because I get only German pages in my warmup table I thought I have to change to English and start prebuild cache again. But after change to English content in my top menu point from WPML I get the same German pages shown in my warmup table.

    I was afraid to click on reset warmup table because if it delete my german cached pages it need much time to built my cache pages because it stoped after about 150 pages and then I had to start rebuild cache each 10-15 pages 🙁 so it works not allone during the night.

    After a hour working in other points I opend the swift performance dashboard again because I wanted to have a look on the log file before I write to you.
    And now…. I see english pages in my warmup table … ???? … And it had started to cache this pages now….

    So I am a little bit confused how it should work or how I should serve right if I want to update full cach of an language or only one page of an language manual because I do not know what I have to do to get the warmup table for German or English pages.
    I did’t found anything in your handbook to use about this but I think more than one language is a issue who many people have and need.

    Best thank for yor help to understand how it should work on the right way.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • OMG ! Now system is caching my englisch pages but have deleted my German page cache 🙁
    I have lost all hours watching and start prebuild cache from yesterday ….

    Please give me information how I can cache all my pages if I use WPML plugin to organize.

    Plugin Contributor Fred


    There is no other caching method for using Swift with WPML. Swift should (pre)build and cache all known URLs.

    unfortunately swift does not know the right URLs if you use the directory translation option so you get URLs like this
    It works only if you use URLs with language as parameter like this
    OR I have any settings wrong so it do not work with directory languages but I can not find any description on your page for this

    Plugin Contributor Fred


    In general, Swift plays well with the majority of sites. We have 1000s of sites that run with WPML without any issue.

    Deactivate and ininstall the plugin completely and reinstall it using Autowizard.

    i have deactivated and deinstalled and after new installation completely with autowizard I have the same problem.
    If I have active German language in WPML switcher on the top I get in the warmup table all german pages
    If I swith to englisch in WPML switcher on the top, swift performance warmup table shows me the english pages

    but I can not generate both because one start delete the other cache

    Is there any setting I have to do in WPML or in Swift performance to get both languages in one warmup table?
    I have URL’s with folder structure (for example for german and for english version)

    Plugin Contributor Fred


    Are you using Multisite? And are your pages cached anyway?

    I use WMPL for have more languages on my page but in WPML you can choose between different URL structures for the languages.
    possible modes
    1) different languages in directories like .com/en/ for english etc.
    2) different domain per language like subdomain,
    3) language name added as a parameter like .com?lang=en

    I have in my settings 1) – so I have …pages for german content&shop… pages for english content&shop

    On the top of admin page wordpress there is a WPML language switcher to make changes in each language content if you need.
    So if I have empty cache and I activate GERMAN in the WPML language switcher – I get in Warmup table shown all german pages
    if I have activated ENGLISH – I get in Warmup table shown all english pages (after a time ago)
    But if I cache prebuild starts – I have only the activated language pages in cache and if I start it again with activated 2nd language the 1st cache is deleted OR I will get shown the 2nd language page only if I reset warmup table and then the cache is also deleted again.

    Heard that some people us swift performance light and see both languages pages no matter which language is activated in WPML language switcher in wordpress backend.
    I have checked all settings more than 3 times – I do not find anything.
    Get sometimes 3-4 pages from english version shown in german warmup table but not more – most time not only one page and I have reset warmup table now for some times.

    my plugin installation is Version 2.0.5
    After reset warmup table again (with activ WPML German) I have 537 known pages – all german pages and 1 englisch pages in my warmup table.English: 1 product page -don’t know why this pages…did not make sense
    Log is empty.
    Cache prebuild works now again so that I have at least one language in performance.

    Listend that people use swift performance light and also WPML and they see both languages in one warmup page. but I do not find any setting
    I’m really desperate now.

    Plugin Contributor Fred



    Just check some random pages and products of your English version and all are cached by Swift.

    yes it is – I can not believe….after install / deinstall plugin, reset warmup table for about 6-7 times it built yesterday the full warmup page
    I do not know why before not and why now because all settings are the same as before and also I did not make any other plugin update in this time.

    I am afraid to do the other plugin updates this weekend – hope cache works after on the same way.

    I try it to get it work with both languages since two weeks ….

    do you have any idea what could be happen if the warmup table generation stops before finnish?

    Plugin Contributor Fred



    As I said before, In general, Swift plays well with the majority of sites. We have 1000s of sites that run with WPML without any issue. Maybe your hosting is (very) limited and building URLs in warmup table was running in background.

    Most important, your issue is solved and if you experience something new, please feel free to open a (new) Support Thread.

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