• Hello – I’m using a theme called Flexform on two of my sites and I’ve recently discovered a conflict when using the “Types – Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types” plugin on one of the sites. I’ve disabled all other plugins and this is still an issue. The theme uses one of these visual page editor things in place of the normal wysiwyg editor. When editing a page and switching to swift page editor the page shows as having no content even though the page actually does have content when switching to classic view (see attached comparisons). When disabling the “Types” plugin the issue is resolved. I realize this is probably more in line with the Flexform theme builder and I’ve posted on their support as well but are you aware of any potential issues or fixes for this?

    I’m using Windows 7, Firefox 24, Flexform 1.5.3 (but was still an issue on the previous version of 1.5) and wordpress 3.6.1


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  • Hello, i have exactly the same issue, same theme flexform, but no types installed. No plugin seems to cause the error becouse it is still there after swifting off all of them.

    Hi jjz0393,

    Could you post a downloadable URL for the Flexform theme, we need duplicate same problem and debug in it

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