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  • Swift generates its set of .htaccess Rewrite rules.

    Where should they be placed if you have a site with “WordPress in a folder”?

    Should they be in the site root .htaccess or should they be placed into the WordPress folder .htaccess?

    I see different caching plugins place their rules sometimes before the standard WP rules and sometimes after… Where do you think they should go? Does it make any difference if running “WordPress in a folder”?

    If I have security rules (including rewrite rules) in my .htaccess, where should they be placed relative to the rules generated by the Swift plugin?


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  • Plugin Contributor Fred


    That depends how you installed WordPress, but most likely in .htaccess file in your subdirectory. Swift rules comes before the standard WP rules and security/rewrite rules should always be at the top of the .htaccess file (so before Swift).

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