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  1. danni-rokk
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We have a site with some Flash Files embedded into the pages with swfobj plugin (it was using another plug in but changed it due to it not working - it is now outputting the <object> correctly but still not displaying the file as a gallery.

    I have got the flash files to semi-display but they don't seem to be pulling through the XML files and referencing that for the images.

    The swf, xml, and images are all in a folder, inside the

    inside the xml file, i have hard coded the image links with a url="" to include the whole url so there is no confution.

    on the object itself on the page I have output it as:

    [swfobj base="http://www.sitename.co.uk/wp-content/themes/nameoftheme/foldername/" flashvars="localpath=http://www.sitename.co.uk/wp-content/themes/nameoftheme/foldername/gallery.xml" src="http://www.sitename.co.uk/wp-content/themes/nameoftheme/foldername/gallery.swf" width=500 height=500 wmode="transparent"]

    I hope that helps! Any help would be appreciated!

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