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  • I was having the same problem. Thank you for your post. It helped me to identify and solve the problem.

    I got rid of this ####### on all my sites.

    Happy to see the code as been banned from the plugin list.

    Thank for the notice. I just deleted sweetcaptcha and the ad-redirects seem to be gone.

    The problem now is that my social share buttons which were supposed to be at the side of each post are now way at the bottom of each page. Also, I used to have a greet box at the beginning of each post which is now no longer showing. Any idea how I can fix this?

    Your help is much appreciated.



    SweetCaptcha is the problem. Injecting ransomware and malware.



    I am so annoyed to find out that SweetCaptcha has been forcing my site visitors by hidden codes to pop-ups ads through ( and without my permissions u better scan ur site using google chrome java script console .. So bad !


    Does a better job and no popups



    Our sites were showing popups so we’re deleting Sweet Captcha plugin.

    Sweet Captcha is reported to be distributing intrusive adware and even malware (generating site virus warning reports):

    WordPress should include a remote security mechanism on all sites, to disable plugins that become malware or generate big security risks.

    Thank you for this post. After deleting Sweet Captcha, the new windows have FINALLY stopped opening up! Thank you.

    Ugh. I was hit was this. Why didn’t WordPress at least notify me?


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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