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  • We are currently using WordPress on our Intranet at work as a Helpdesk Communication Portal.
    I have a great idea for a plugin.
    Currently we use a batch file to go out in the morning and copy all of our tape backup logs into one directory that’s indexed on our webserver. So we go and click on each file, scroll down until we see status. The status is either failed, incomplete or sucessful.
    Thought it would be really cool… If there would be a plugin that can search through text files and if it finds a keyword to either show a a green light graphic or a red light graphic.
    So lets say we have 20 tape back logs that are just plain text files. The plugin would build a table and 1 row would be 1 text file. So it would put the title of the text file, and then you could type in what keyword you were looking for. In our case we would want to search the text file for either Sucessful or Failed. If successful then it would be a green light in the next column in the row. If failed then it would but a red ligh graphic.
    Make sense?
    So the plugin could just ask you what are your keywords?
    What’s the folder you want to browse?
    What graphic do you want to display when keyword is found?
    What graphic do you want to display when keyword is not found?
    This would really, really help us. Let me know if your interested.

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  • WordPress is a blogging tool. You are looking for a log analyzer of some kind. Your problem has nothing to do with weblogging. I would be surprised if anyone else uses the said plugin if it is written.
    Maybe you are looking at the wrong tool.

    There actually are a lot of free or very cheap programs that would MUCH better be suited for helpdesk software 🙂
    Take a look here:
    You’ll find stuff there that would blow WP away (when it comes to Helpdesk software)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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