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    I just installed a swedish translation and I noticed that some words aren’t translated. Where do I find the language file? I looked at the one I uploaded (the .mo file) but couldnt find anything. The only thing I saw was the translation od the installation instructions.

    Where can I find the translation of all the phrases?

    Thanks in advance


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    As I understand it, the .mo file isn’t going to translate everything for you. Some things aren’t translated, and other things are hardcoded so that they can’t be translated (you have to manually edit them). The amount of translated text seem to depend on the theme you use, but if you installed it correctly, the entire admin panel should at least be translated.



    Since 1.5.something… it was decided the themes will NOT be translated in the .mo file for WP.
    Most translation teams have a translation for the “deafult” theme, too, e.g. for Swedish:
    (click the “theme”)
    If your theme happens to use the same strings as the Default – you might be lucky. Otherwise, you’ll have to check and/or edit your theme to make it internationalized (i18n) and then create the .po file and the .mo file.

    Finally, you need to read this:



    thanks for replying, and thanks for your help!

    Wow that’s a lot to do…I just want to translate a few words haha

    Thanks, once again!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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