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  • true bloom


    Hi there – I hope someone can answer my query, I’m confused!

    OK.. so: I currently pay MrSite £90 a year and have built up my business website using MrSite. I pay for web hosting and my domain name. I have recently started a new blog using WordPress, and I really like it.

    I have had some problems with MrSite, in particular, my website is regularly unavailable and I am unable to access my emails. I’m not too keen on the designs available either SO I was considering using WordPress for my entire business site.

    Can I simply build my site again using WordPress and then just transfer the domain name from MrSite to my WordPress site?
    Will my stopping using MrSite affect my customers ability to find me? Will it be like starting again in terms of how easily Google etc can find me?
    Is there anything else I need to consider that may affect my business??

    (I have emailed Streamline to see if they can host the wordpress installation. )

    Thank you for any help / advice you can offer me. I would really like to get rid of MrSite but feel a bit out of my depth!

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  • DigitalSquid


    I’m not too familiar with MrSite but I would have thought that your site being unavailable would be more to do with your domain/hosting.

    Most sites can be easily converted over to WordPress but I doubt anyone will be able to give you a definitive answer on yours without seeing it first. Post a link to it and I’m sure someone will let you know if it;s feasible or not.

    If you’re keeping the same domain then I doubt your customers will even notice that it’s moved or changed. Google on the other hand will notice all the changes next time it indexes your site. To be honest, there’s not really an accurate way of telling if it will effect your rank in the search results. Personally, I doubt there will be much of a difference if you’re going to copy all your content across.

    As for affecting your business, the best way to find out is by testing EVERYTHING. Build a WordPress version of your site away from your current site and don’t make the switch until you’re sure everything works.

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