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  • I´ve moved my website theme over from Suffusion to Twenty Eleven. All links in my previous posts are working perfectly, click on them and they take you to the desired destination, however when I create a new post in Twenty Eleven the links do not work. I have read through previous posts regarding Twenty Eleven, but none of them seem to help. This probably has a simple answer, but my knowledge is very basic. Can someone please advise how to fix this? Thanks

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  • Krishna



    Site URL?




    It seems you have modified the Twenty Eleven theme. Please do not edit the original theme, instead create a child theme and make your customizations on the child theme.

    Anyway, revert to the original Twenty Eleven theme and see if the links are working.

    Sorry its taken me so long to thank you for your help. I have decided to revert back to the original Suffusion, I prefer it! I do have another problem which I don´t seem to be able to resolve. Since going back to Suffusion everything works as it previously did apart from when I include a new link in my posts, it no longer works. For example in my gallery page: I originally had a link to my ETSY store which still works perfectly. Click on it, it takes you to my store. Since reverting back I have added a link to my Zazzle store, but this doesnt. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks



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    the zassle url is no link, but a span with text-decoration underline;

    possibly edit the page, and insert a hyperlink with the zassle url.

    did you possibly use a ‘auto link’ plugin before, or does suffusion have such a setting?

    As far as I can see the Zazzle link is correct. All I have ever done is copy and pasted links into the page and they have worked. As an example I have copied and pasted the exact ETSY link into the gallery underneath the original one. The original one still links, the new one doesnt. Even though its exactly the same….
    As far as I know I haven´t ever used an ´autolink` plug in….?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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