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  • Fourteen Extended: 1.2.31

    I had high hopes for Fourteen Extended, and it does indeed have some useful tweaks, however it doesn’t have one the one feature I was really looking for-

    I want my site to have its main menu options displayed in the left-hand sidebar, with the top menu area basically empty other than the search widget. I.e. A traditional “F”-shaped page layout.

    I can easily put my site navigation in the LH sidebar (the secondary sidebar), BUT because the theme considers this to be the “secondary”, when the responsive theme switches to mobile (small screen) mode, my main nav disappears to the bottom of the page, where most users probably won’t even realise it exists. Meanwhile the 4-bars “collapsed menu” icon on the mobile layout always links to the primary menu, which in my case is empty!

    At the moment as a workaround I’ve put a “skip to menu” link in the main menu, that scrolls the screen down to the secondary menu, but this is a bit clunky.

    I realise I could be accused of misusing TwentyFourteen as a one-sidebar theme, but I like its modern appearance and other features, even if it is a bit prone to quirks like this.

    What would make Fourteen Extended a “killer plugin” for me would be an option to flip the priority + purpose of the two sidebars in TwentyFourteen, something like a “Make the LH sidebar primary” option.

    The functional impact of this, in the small screen / mobile view would be-

    1) The top sidebar content is shifted to the bottom of the screen.

    2) The left sidebar content is hidden, and connected to the menu icon button as a popup.

    In technical term, this might be as simple as swapping some IDs over in the page markup.

    Is this a feature that could be included in a future version of Fourteen Extended ?

    Regards: Colin

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