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  • SVN went odd a bit back and basically the repository only now offers the current version of my plugin. I’ve had some other problems so I decided I’d check out a clean copy of the current repository and now I’m completely stuck.

    My downloaded repository has no tags folder. I can’t do an svn cp because tags isn’t there. If I create tags and then try to add it (svn add) then it complains “svn: ‘tags’ is not a working copy”

    If try to create tags ( svn mkdir tags) I get: “svn: ‘tags’ is already under version control”

    The newly downloaded repository contains a branches folder which the old one didn’t

    So what do I do now?

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  • OK I had to basically do an svn delete on the tags folder then an svn create and its now working again.. I think.

    Still not sure what happened…

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